Pooya Jaferian

Engineering Manager, Atrium

Vancouver, BC

Engineering lead with experience in building usable and performant applications using web technologies. My expertise is Javascript and React, but I understand different levels of the stack and have often led multi-disciplinary teams building full-stack applications. I have a solid academic background in user experience design, computer science, algorithms, object-oriented, and functional programming. I love building and working in high-performing teams, and helping engineers grow and improve their engineering skills.

Work Experience


Engineering Manager | Nov 2019 - Present

Atrium is a corporate law firm and technology company providing fast, transparent, and price-predictable professional services to startups. We raised $75.5M from Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, and General Catalyst, among others.


Engineering Manager, Web | Oct 2017 - Nov 2019

Managing a team of five frontend engineers, distributed in Vancouver, San Francisco, and Bali. My responsibilities are threefold: (1) establishing the long term vision for the platform and leading various initiatives to keep the platform in a healthy state. (2) conducting one-on-ones, helping with roadblocks, mentoring team members, and empowering them in their day to day activities. (3) contributing to the code-base and work on features as an individual contributor. Aside from building product features, my team has accomplished the following:

  • Unit testing using Jest and Enzyme, and systematically increasing unit tests coverage from 0 to ~70%
  • Adoption of Flow, and more recently Typescript
  • Triaging and reducing a backlog of more than 700 bugs to less than 10 active bugs at any point in time in our web app
  • Migrating our legacy state management library (NuclearJS) to Redux
  • Updating the dependencies from React 15/Webpack 2/Babel 6/React Router 3/etc. to the latest versions (React 16.8, Webpack 4, Babel 7, React Router 5, etc.) and systematically keeping dependencies up to date
  • Code-splitting of localization languages, libraries, and sections of our web application to reduce the bundle size, and load time
  • Creating a comprehensive guide and training path for our platform to on-boarding new engineers as fast as possible
  • Migrating from SASS to Emotion

Senior Frontend Engineer | June 2016 - Oct 2017

As a member of Parsable web platform team, I was involved in shipping six major features in a cross-functional team of frontend, backend, and mobile engineers, and was the tech leading for five of the features.


Software Engineer | Oct 2014 - June 2016

Hootsuite Labs was specialized in building and shipping products at an unmatched speed and agility. As a full-stack software engineer, I was part of a team that successfully shipped the following products (technical lead for Hootsuite Amplify, and individual contributor for the other two):

  • Hootsuite Amplify (used Python & Flask, Angular, Ionic, MongoDB, Redis to build Mobile/Web application)
  • Hootsuite Suggestions (used Python & Flask, React, Angular, Ionic, MongoDB to build a Mobile Application)
  • Aras: Hootsuite's content recommendation engine (used Python & Flask, MongoDB to build a content recommendation service)

University of British Columbia

Ph.D. Student and Researcher | 2007-2014

My Ph.D. research topic was a multi-method approach to design usable Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems:

  • UX research with 19 security professionals to understand their practices
  • Developed and tested a set of domain-specific usability heuristics for evaluation of IT security tools
  • Organized more than 40 heuristic evaluation sessions with UX professionals
  • Designed and prototyped a novel visualization technique for displaying access control policies
  • Conducted a large-scale online UX study to evaluate the usability of the prototypes
  • Published 15 papers in reputable journals, conferences, and workshops

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Co.

Solution Engineer, Value-Added Services (VAS) team | 2006-2007

Designed and developed the Dynamic Prepaid Seamless Expiry (DSED) system using J2EE, JBoss, and Oracle DBMS. The DSED system processed maximum of 36 million charging data record files during a 24-hour window and updated the subscribers' credit expiry data over a 4-hour window.


University of British Columbia

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., Computer Engineering | Sept 2007 - Oct 2014

Supervisor: Dr. Konstantin Beznosov, GPA: 85.2 from 100

Research focus: Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Security

Amirkabir University of Technology

M.Sc., Software Engineering | 2005 - 2007

B.Sc., Computer Engineering | 2001 - 2005